The Metamorphosis of Jerry

Genarro “Jerry” Chanfloney was the owner of a pizza chain in the cold Canadian prairies. His pizza was popular but the crust was much too salty, and had terrible reviews on Yelp. One night he refused to give a homeless man pizza when he was just going to throw it out anyway. The man cursed and spat at him then left, pushing along his rattling old cart. The next morning Jerry woke up and his sheets were covered in tomato sauce and cheese. He looked in the mirror and saw he had turned into a slice of Pepperoni Bacon pizza. Suddenly hunger overtook him. He tried to resist, but he began devouring himself. In the emergency room, no one believed he was truly pizza, he just looked like a horribly injured man, mutilated by his own bite marks. But after touching him, he gradually began to look and smell like delicious fresh hot pizza to the ER workers as well. They started eating. Once Jerry was completely gone they noticed that everyone around them had turned into pizza too — different toppings, but all delicious. Mayhem ensued, and soon the entire emergency department were consuming one another.